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10 may 2021

What Photographers Have to Do while the Shooting?

You know that I run workshops across the globe. No matter where I am – in Mexico, China, or the US, when teaching photography, I try to show that it's not complicated, it's just necessary to elaborate a certain action plan to understand what follows what, to be attentive to these details and to have some taste and aesthetics.

You know what's funny? When I ask people: “What makes it difficult?”, most people say to me: “Thinking!” And I tend to agree, because many people come for some ready-made solutions, they're sure I'll show them a “masterpiece” button on my camera. Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way, my friends! You need to photograph a lot, show your works to professionals, learn from your mistakes and improve yourselves. It's a long journey, and not everyone is ready to take it.