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23 february 2024

Story of a Day on the Farm

You can feel the aesthetics yourself and understand what's beautiful and what's not. You just need to pay very close attention to all these details, control them, and everything will work out. In today's photoshoot, I didn't do anything that you couldn't replicate. We didn't use any complex equipment. There were no very complicated, artificially unnatural poses. Everything was very simple. Naturally, the model fit seamlessly into this location. And the preview of the photos I just took showed that we actually made quite a few good shots from different angles, with different compositions, to create an interesting series, for example, a series of photos that will look very tasty and beautiful. And our next step in this lesson is to upload the photos to the computer, open them, analyze everything we did, all our mistakes, all our shortcomings, choose the photos we want to process, and then do retouching.