Hair in Portrait Photography
7 february 2022

Hair in Portrait Photography

Hair adorns a woman. Hair can be straight, curly, or wavy, short or long, come in many colors and shades. Diversity always strikes and causes admiration, and a good photographer seeks to understand how to effectively emphasize her female beauty. Please see below a couple of good examples.

  • The model is doing something with her hair – for instance, scrapes it into a ponytail, braids it, combs it, or decorates it with flowers.
  • If you need to show the model’s thin and beautiful neck, she can scrape it into a ponytail, or into braids.
  • Hair can help separate the face from the background. If the model’s face merges with the background during the photoshoot, her hair can help separate her face from the background. To do so, it’s enough to place the model’s hair behind her face in such a way that her hair, and not face contours, occupy the background.
  • Ginger and light-brown hair looks beautiful in contre-jour lighting. The sun reflects on this hair with golden shades.
  • If the photo is taken in a light mode, and the model’s hair is too dark, you can put a bonnet or another type of hair cover on your model. In this case, the area of dark hair in the short will decrease several times, and it will not distract the audience’s attention from the entire picture.
  • Hair can cover private body parts if its long enough. This always looks feminine and beautiful.