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5 january 2024

Story of a Day on the Farm

Hello, friends!
We are in an unusual and wonderful place – a Goat Farm. What's great about this location is that this is a real farm with real goats being raised and milked. One of the biggest advantages of this location is that there's an almost complete absence of any modern elements, some piping, and tanks. And looking at this location, this wooden ceiling, stone floor, and wooden animal partitions, you could say that the same location could have existed 50 years ago, and 100 years ago, and 200 years ago. This gives us a huge advantage in that we can shoot the model in completely different time slices. And that's great.

And as you know, in my photo shoots I try to show not just portraits of beautiful women, but I try to show these portraits in some kinds of stories, plots, so to speak, mini-movies, when not just a portrait, but when there is an image, when there is a story, when there is some action, when the viewer realizes where the girl is, what she's doing, who she is. What time slice is shown? In this case, the portrait looks much more interesting. And that's exactly the kind of photoshoot I want to do today.

The story of the photoshoot I'd like to share today, it revolves around the girl, of the girl who works here. Maybe it's a wage earner, could be the daughter of the owner of this farm, perhaps it's his wife. She came to feed the sheep, she came to play with them. She came here to spend some of her time. And I want a series of shots that beautifully, gracefully, and erotically show how a beautiful young woman organically fits in with this seemingly less than the pristine interior.