The Importance of Assistance in the Photoshoot
6 september 2021

The Importance of Assistance in the Photoshoot

When taking nude photos, the model is often against third-party involvement in filming. Their presence can not only make the model feel embarrassed, but also affects her emotions, body relaxation etc. This greatly harms the entire artistic process.

You’ve probably often heard that in my photoshoots I use a reflector that’s supposed to be held by an assistant. Yet, I easily get by without any assistance, and let me tell you how.

Here’s the process of filming:

During assistance-free filming, I make use of a tripod and a camera remote control. When the model takes her position in the location, adopts a pose, etc, I determine the optimal point for placing the camera and put it on the tripod. I focus the camera, set shot frames and exposure, and switch on a remote control mode. Then I take the reflector, approach the model, apply backlight to an appropriate side, push the button on the remote and take a shot. I’ve been using this technique for over 5 years, and as you can see, I have great outcomes.