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6 may 2024

Enjoy your Bath

It's not always the best shot from the angle you originally planned. So you should definitely walk around the model, and look at her from different angles, and it is quite likely that you will see angles from a completely different side, which you did not expect, and which look more effective. In this case, I photographed the girl from the side of the light and the opposite side of the light, and saw that both angles are actually interesting. Then, when everything merges on the monitor, I will have the opportunity to watch it all on a nice big screen and choose really those options that are optimal.

So, without changing the pose of the model, I decided to work a little bit, asking her to move away from the wall. So she was pressed against the wall, but now she's moved away a little bit, and so her pose has changed. Now she's a little away from the wall, a little forward, and I can try changing her pose to add grace. You could also try looking out the window, lifting her head, closing her eyes, and smiling slightly. I like this pose, so I decide to take a couple more shots. The height at which I take the picture, I choose by eye. That is, there are no strict rules. I take some shots a little lower, some a little higher, and see where the angle is really optimal.

Sometimes there are shots that I really like, even though they weren't planned beforehand. For example, right now we were supposed to have a break between shots and the girl was just covering herself with this wet cloth. I saw how beautiful it looked. And her breasts are covered, and from this angle, you can't even see her crotch. I decide to move the cloth slightly so that I can better see the beauty of her breasts. This shot maybe even more interesting than when the breasts are open. It's definitely worth it to take advantage of such opportunities.

When I took the previous shot, I noticed that the girl lay down beautifully, as if shutting herself off from the world. It's a very beautiful, graceful pose. Now I don't even have anything to fix. To make the arms look beautiful, I asked her to raise one arm and lower the other, creating a natural pose. So I want to do another close-up portrait with beautiful breasts. Tried different variations, but when the model “closed in” a bit, I saw how beautiful it was. I just asked her to freeze. We've already had a few successful unplanned shots today. For example, we have a side light and I add some backlighting with a reflector. It's really quite beautiful. The portraits look simple, but with the water glistening on her body, they look spectacular.