Generating Ideas
11 october 2021

Generating Ideas

During my workshops or in-person meetings, I’m often asked one and the same question: “Where to get ideas for photoshoot?” The answer is simple – develop your fantasy and observation skills to the best of your abilities. 

I’d like to use a piece of my props, a home-made wooden rope swing, to show you how photoshoot ideas are generated around this object.

Character: a young good-looking lady wearing plain clothing that may be slightly unbuttoned or makes it possible to pull down a strap demonstrating a certain part of the body. If there’s Contre-jour, the clothing can be a bit transparent to beautifully demonstrate body contours.

Angle: you have options here. You can show the model in motion on the swing opting for a bottom view. You can also make eye-level portraits, and, if possible, apply a top view.

Actions: the lady is swinging on the swing, enjoying the movement and the wind; she’s sitting and basking in the sun; she’s sitting and eating something delicious; she’s sitting/standing and looking at a camera lens.

Movement in the shot: for instance, when showing the model on the swing from the side, sharpness may be applied to the model, and the background may be blurred. You can also slightly blur the model herself and show her bright emotions in the shot. 

Emotions: delight, laughter, cuteness, charms, simplicity, playfulness.

Almost all objects, pieces of clothing, location can generate photoshoot ideas. You just have to be creative and not restrain your fantasy.