Filming in Bright Daylight
15 april 2022

Filming in Bright Daylight

Any photographer will tell you that portraits come out best when taken outdoors in the cloudy weather, in the morning or in the evening, when the light is “soft”. In most cases, this is right.

Yet, sometimes, filming in bright daylight may be very interesting, especially if this light emphasizes the mood of the photo – for instance, when a photographer seeks to show very hot weather.

To avoid bleached areas of skin in the light and lapses to black in the shadow, it’s better to use an HDR filming mode and illuminate dark areas with a reflector or a flash.

Hot weather can also be emphasized through sweat on the model’s body. To do so, it’s enough to sprinkle a bit of water over the girl’s body. Wet skin sparkles beautifully in the bright sun and improves the emotional constituent of the photo. This will be suitable for a summer photoshoot, where the model is sunbathing or doing some work.

Good examples of such a photoshoot could such photo series as “Sweet Watermelons”, “The red car and beautiful driver”, “And again, on a journey”. Both the bright sun light and sweat on the girl’s body convey the entire atmosphere of a hot summer day. As a result, the shots came out emotional, and look very natural.