See-through Closing and Contre-jour Lighting
31 january 2022

See-through Closing and Contre-jour Lighting

I love using contre-jour lighting when the lady is wearing light-colored see-through clothes which show her body curves but are not too revealing.

For filming, it’s good to buy a dress or a blouse made of a see-through fabric. In case this type of clothes is unavailable, it’s good to opt for a see-through lined dress that can later be cropped. It’s important that the fabric be plain, have no colors or color spots. I’m a big fan of pastel fabric, my preferences being beige and light-beige.

Penetrating the fabric, contre-jour lighting makes it even more see-through and “airy”, which adds some lightness to the shot.

At the same time, don’t forget to use a reflector to direct light to the body part located in the shadow. The photos made this way always look beautiful and convey certain mood. If you opt for the same poses and photograph the models without clothing, the photos will look more plain and ordinary. They won’t stimulate viewer’s fantasy and, consequently, will not produce appropriate emotional condition. Moreover, models themselves find it much more comfortable to pose when dressed, even though the clothes are half-see-through. It means that working with the models will be much easier.