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12 january 2024

Story of a Day on the Farm

Given that our premises are cramped, small, and I want to show not only the model, but above all the great angles around her. Because it's really beautiful here. Almost all these wooden columns, these old fences, the goats, the stone underneath us hay. The old windows are so beautiful, I take a 35mm lens for this purpose. If I took a lens, for example, 50 millimeters, and I had a full-frame camera, then, of course, I would immediately limit the coverage of the angle, and in the frame would not get many interesting details. But at the same time, if I want to crop something, I can easily do it. Because 24 pixels allow me to do encoding and get portraits of a good enough size. And the resolution, I shoot almost always in aperture priority. In this case, depending on the subject I would like to shoot, the aperture will vary, but I think it will fluctuate around 2.8 – 2.4. To show not only the model in the frame, but above all, to show everything around her.