A Lady at a Factory
18 march 2022

A Lady at a Factory

We all are used to seeing beautiful ladies in the capacity of company managers, sellers, or administrators. They’re quite rarely seen at factories, plants, car repair shops.

Heavy industrial equipment is totally opposite to female delicacy and gracefulness. For this reason, beautiful photos of female factory workers look gorgeous.

To make these photos look true-to-life, you have to choose appropriate workwear. If a piece of workwear is too big for a model, you can pull it and fix it at the back with a regular clothespin. The clothing should imply some elements of erotica (a tight top, etc.)

In this location, you can take simple portraits of the model looking at the camera or having a rest leaning on a lathe. You can also take portraits of the model at work. For instance, she can explore the schemes, turn a lathe lever, change the clothing in a locker room, and so on. There’s a plenty of options depending on the factory you have chosen as a photoshoot venue.

To show the model’s fatigue, you can sprinkle a bit of water on her skin to create a sweat effect. You can also make the skin a bit dirty to make the photo even more true-to-life.

The model’s hair should be done up, or you can add a headgear. This may be a cap, a kerchief, or a special helmet. The makeup and nail polish should be natural – no excessive brightness.

I’ve always loved photoshoots at factories. They’re always interesting and cause lots of emotions.