Headwear in Portrait Photography
25 february 2022

Headwear in Portrait Photography

I often use headwear in my photo works – both portrait, and nude ones. This may include bonnets, caps, kerchiefs, and even helmets. They don’t just adorn a woman’s face as aesthetic elements, but also serve as an important outfit able to develop the plot and author’s idea.

Photography adopted headwear from the visual art of the past. Artists have understood that an appropriate piece of headwear makes the character more mature and the entire picture more interesting. Besides, a properly chosen piece of headwear testifies to the lady’s status – whether it’s a country-style straw hat, or a fancy evening ribbon hat.

Besides, a piece of headwear can help separate the lady’s face from a high-contrast background, or hide the hair whose color doesn’t match the color scheme and spirit of the photo as such.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of the successful use of headwear that improves the photo:

  • Someone who works in a cafeteria, food industry, textile industry or dry laundry, where the model has to wear a gown. In this case, a plain kerchief that hides the hair will be very appropriate.

  • The lady taking a stroll at the seaside or having a picnic: a light summer hat protecting the gentle face skin will perfectly complement the picture.

  • A vintage image of plebs of the past – whether it’s a grape harvester or a beautiful oriental woman. This character works great with a color- and texture-appropriate kerchief covering the hair.

  • A lady with a vintage motorbike or car (the character of Italy or France of the 70s). A light textile cap will emphasize the lady’s beauty.

  • A beautiful lady with field flowers and wearing a sleeveless summer dress. In this case, the best piece of headwear is a flower crown.

There’s a great number of such examples – everything depends on the photographer’s and model’s imagination.