Improvisation during a Photoshoot
18 april 2022

Improvisation during a Photoshoot

I’m a big advocate for being well-prepared for the photoshoot and fully aware of what you’d like to photograph and how. The plot, action, clothing, posing and other factors should be planned in detail. This significantly increases the chances for a successful photoshoot.

However, things don’t always go as planned, and you may face factors that hinder the implementation of your idea. For instance, you planned sunny weather, but it started to rain. Or the model is in low spirits and can’t show a necessary emotion. Or a car parked in a place you’d wanted to be a venue for your photoshoot.

Of course, the easiest way would be to cancel or move the photoshoot. However, there’s another option – improvisation. You can quickly estimate the situation, the location and stuff you have at hand. You can create new photos you haven’t originally planned. Leaning on my experience, I can say that such photos are often great and even better than you’ve originally planned.

Besides, improvisation helps create beautiful photos during any photoshoot. Say, you can notice the model taking a beautiful pose during the recess, or she was exposed to contre-jour lighting when walking past the window, or she was drinking coffee in a nice way while you were looking through the footage. Or the sun unexpectedly showed up and, going through the curtains, beautifully illuminated the model’s skin, or a basket of apples fell, and the apples beautifully scattered on the ground…

Always take advantage of such moments – unplanned, but beautiful, as you may not have a second changes under different circumstances. And, as I mentioned above, such spontaneous photos are often better and more interesting that the planned ones.

Make experiments, my friends! Always!