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28 december 2020

The Rule of Third

I've been involved with photography for around 10 years, and over this time, I've accumulated a lot of information and knowledge of how to make beautiful art photo works.  

Since 2016, I've been actively teaching and running over 60 workshops worldwide, from New York to Shanghai. Today, I'd like to share my knowledge and expertise with my subscribers through the NYMF mobile application so that those who enjoy taking beautiful photos with a camera or a mobile phone could expand their skills and create higher-quality content. 

It doesn't really matter which device to use for shooting – the main thing is to know HOW to do that.

The first tutorial is the rule of thirds. In this tutorial, I'll be using my own photos as an example of how to benefit from the rule of thirds and create a more appropriate composition while shooting. At the same time, you can place an important object in the shot (a person or eyes) in the best location to make a photo easily “readable”. 

The rule of thirds

I hope you will like these tutorials, and I'll keep sharing with you my knowledge and expertise.