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How did I come to create NYMF?

Ever since the launch of the NYMF app, I've frequently been asked about the inspiration behind its creation. The answer is quite straightforward: I have a passion for what I do. I dedicated myself to creating new photography and have never once regretted picking up a camera. Nowadays, I can't picture my life without this art, into which I've invested considerable effort."

How did I come to create NYMF?
How did I come to create NYMF?

Until NYMF was developed and released, I’d regularly fought with social media that would often block my accounts. This hindered me from working full-scale and moving on. This app gave me an opportunity to freely share with you my art for 360º.

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At some point, I realized that all this wasn’t supposed to be gathering dust and that I’d like to share it with the whole world. I wanted everyone who encounters my art to experience female beauty and learn to see it the way I do. That’s why this app contains photos, tutorials, my insights, and a lot more to be enjoyable. As I received your feedback, I realized it was worth it!

Thank you so much!

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