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1 march 2021


A couple of years ago, I read a book called The Shell Collector and came up with an idea to photoshoot two young friends picking seashells at the sunset. When I had some free time and the weather was warm and nice, I took my two acquaintances, Anya and Lera, picked up my clothes and a hat, bought a lot of seashells in advance and went to the sea-side, which is 350 km away from my city. 

Before the trip, I checked weather forecast – it was expected to be warm. However, when we reached our destination, it was outrageously windy and the weather let us down. We tried to take a couple of photos, but the girls were freezing cold. Next morning, the sky was cloudy, there was no warmth in the forecast and the wind was still as heavy. We had to go back home without any photos. The models were upset the same way I was. They’d also been waiting for this photoshoot. But I still believed we’d succeed and traveled such a long distance for some reason. I convinced the girls to stay one more day.

In the evening, a miracle happened! The wind started to die down and the sun came up – warm, summer sun. We surely didn’t miss out on this opportunity and shot a wonderful photo series called “Seashell”.