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18 february 2021

An Abandoned Factory

Various big companies frequently order erotic photo shoots at abandoned plants. Such shootings have to be done in the warm season, as the models can be almost undressed. Clear skies and sunny weather are also essential, as I only use natural light, and the windows in the plants are usually filthy. As a result, it is often very dark during the shooting, and I have to photograph at low ISO, for which purpose I always bring a tripod, since exposure intervals may reach 1 second.

If I work with backlighting, the model is lighted by a reflector. Most of the time, I use a 55-mm lens. For such photo shoots, I always tried to pick out natural girls. If there are tattoos, I remove them afterward via photoshop.

Every shot tries to tell a short story: changing clothes in a locker room, relaxing under the sun, or simply a tired and sweaty worker withdrawn into herself, having taken off extra clothes and closed her eyes...