Photography Tutorials
26 march 2021

Photography Tutorials

“I spent a lot of time on becoming an expert in my field. In my tutorials, I gladly share with you my experience so that I can help each one of you improve.”

All those who wish to learn the art of photography can benefit from David Dubnitskiy's tutorials available in NYMF. It's a great start to begin your photography journey or to check out your skills. 

In these articles, you'll find author's tips, workshops, and life hacks. You'll learn where to get inspiration for a photoshoot, how to efficiently find and choose an appropriate model, how to choose a photoshoot location, how to create a proper environment for extraordinary photoshoot places. Besides, you'll learn a lot about dealing with light, photo processing and promotion on social media. 

You can easily apply photographer's recommendations and create your own art project.